Shot Perfect is the result of 25 continuous years of researching shooting at the grade school, high school, college, NBA and recreational levels by Terry Roach. To create an opportunity to teach the results of his research and the information and sciences supporting it, Shot Perfect was created. Since its creation in 1999, Shot Perfect’s goal has been to increase the shooting knowledge and performance of interested players, parents and coaches at every levels of the game.

Shot Perfect is the only shooting company in the United Sates that teaches a proven shooting technique based on this research and supported by 7 related sciences including kinesiology, the study of human movement. In short, Shot Perfect teaches shooting based on facts, not myth, conjecture or unsubstantiated information. The Shot Perfect Shooting Technique rivals that of any golf or tennis professional; it’s a science, an emphasis on technique over size and/or talent that continues to produce impressive results time and time again.

The Reason

  • Lack of teaching how to shoot. Seeing what once was a team sport in the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's of having five offensive threats on the court most of the game evolve into a game of specialties with "role-playing" or "numbered players", who may be more talented or taller but obviously less informed. Coaches today are getting away from teaching different aspects of basketball from different positions on the floor to the entire team, especially when talking about the fundamentals of shooting. Coaches are designing offenses and defenses based on what they are given year-to-year and NOT what they can challenge themselves to actually teach or develop from an individual or team aspect.
  • Frustration. Repeatedly, coaches are giving incorrect and/or inconsistent information to their players about shooting. For instance, a belief that a shot is considered a good shot only if it goes in -- regardless of where the shot came from and how it was shot -- and that a shot is considered a bad shot only if it doesn't go in.
  • Ability and commitment to educating today's players. Being able to actually "teach" interested participants how to shoot a basketball based on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, physics, ophthalmology and psychology, combined with almost twenty years of coaching experience and research. Being able to teach this material allows individuals to make sound educated decisions regarding their shooting technique that fosters success.

Why Now?

People today, coaches and fans alike, feel that if you can find a great athlete, you've found a great basketball player or shooter. This is not necessarily the case. We have all fallen in love with the superior grace, speed, quickness and jumping ability of today's players. This doesn't mean that they are the best or most knowledgeable basketball players. Rather, they are simply the best athletes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the game and its "team" emphasis has evolved. What once was a group of five knowledgeable and skilled players in the fundamentals, working together as a unit, has now evolved into five individuals who may be more talented but less informed. This, again depending on how you look at it, can sometimes be seen as a sport that has chosen to sacrifice the finer aspects of the game (the ideas of team and fundamentals) for the acrobatics and innate abilities the players of today posses.

The Goal

To educate interested individuals on the most effective technique for shooting a basketball more accurately and consistently from the free throw line, while enhancing jump-shooting accuracy and consistency as well. Learning the information that supports this technique and applying this technique will allow individuals to make sound educated decisions regarding their shooting technique and an opportunity for success that can foster self-esteem.