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"Shooting For Perfection from the Floor"

This DVD will review: the Shot Perfect Shooting Technique, the information and the sciences supporting it, specifically designed, on and off court drills, problem identification and most important, proven problem solving techniques. Much like a child first learning how to walk, then run, I believe a player must first learn how to shoot an accurate free throw before learning how to shoot an accurate and “true” jump-shot. This DVD will introduce and define what a “true” jump shot is versus what we call, a “push-shot”. We will introduce places on the court where the highest and lowest percentage shots are taken and some of the most popular excuses for attempting these low percentage shots; especially during crucial game situations. As well as learning how to shoot, viewers will also learn how to better defend other shooters more effectively, including how to more effectively block shots and without necessarily fouling.

"Shooting for Perfection from the Post"

This DVD will re-introduce old, yet still very effective post moves not seen much in today’s game. We will introduce how to shoot a proper hook and jump-hook and show how both differ from today’s player’s attempt of these same shots. This DVD will also teach post players how to better defend their opponents by identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, defensive post players will learn how to, more effectively, take away their opponents strengths and force them towards their offensive weaknesses and vulnerabilities through manipulation.

"Shooting for Perfection from Bench"

This will be our final DVD. It will attempt to educate today’s youth and future youth and youth coaches on how to teach proper shooting using the Shot Perfect Shooting Technique with Spalding’s new Rookie Gear Basketballs and their adjustable backboards. By adopting, the Shot Perfect Shooting Technique with Spalding’s new “Rookie Gear” Basketballs and their adjustable backboards we can begin TODAY to better educate our youth more efficiently by providing essential knowledge with essential products as part for their proper shooting development resulting in greater future success. Finally, this DVD will incorporate the important fundamentals of the game, all within an effective offensive set. And show parents who are deciding which sport would be the best for their son’s and daughter’s to participate in, know that basketball remains one of the world’s most popular yet one of the least expensive sports.

NOTE: Each of these DVD’s will conclude with special segments related to basketball such as: proper weight training, proper nutrition, personal hygiene. The first DVD will focus on the care and management of athletic injuries.