Virtual Shot Analysis

$350.00 (tax included)

Record free throw shooter while shooting and email video link to using any video platform (e.g., YouTube) OR email pictures while shooting a free throw (best to record a high quality video and take snapshots from video). Pictures must include shooting window and release (middle and end of shot seen below) to be evaluated properly. Video files are typically too large to send directly through email so please instead send us a link that allows us to download the video. Pictures can be sent directly.

"Window" position "Finish" position

Three simple steps -100% online
1. Record shooter and post to any video platform, OR take pictures from video recording
2. Email a video link OR pictures with VSA as the email subject
3. Send $350 to Shot Perfect's Paypal

After your email and payment is received, a shot analysis using your pictures (or pictures we will take from your video link) will be emailed back to you ASAP for you to improve shooting mechanics based only on science/research. If for any reason we can not perform a shot analysis within one week, your PayPal payment will be refunded.

Every online analysis is done only by Coach TERRY ROACH - CEO/Founder of Shot Perfect 608-257-8557

Here is a past VSA that has been redacted to provide you an example of the email attachment you will receive directly from Shot Perfect CEO Terry Roach.
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