Terry Roach

Founder/Senior Shot Analyst, Shot PerfectTM LLC

Following years of playing competitive basketball, Terry Roach joined the coaching ranks. Soon into his first year coaching, grade school and high school, he developed an interest and began researching the shooting success of players, relative to their shooting technique. During the next 20 years he expanded his research to include college and the NBA.

Through the results of his research he was able to identify specific body mechanics, consistent among the great shooters while identifying specific body mechanics consistent among average and poor shooters who miss left, right, long, or short of the center of the rim. Most importantly though, he developed proven problem solving techniques based on body mechanics that when applied, allows a shooter to shoot the ball, make the shot and have the ball, “Rollback” to the shooter without having to move from wherever they shot the ball from.

While continuing his research, Coach Roach became interested in the medical field studying kinesiology - the study of human movement. He became an Athletic Trainer and an Emergency Medical Technician before spending the next 13 years in specialized nursing in: Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Emergency Services, Preventive Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Neuro-Surgery and Adult Spine Surgery.

Through his nursing and coaching experience working with specialists, he found the value of special interests, research and education. He then put together his own panel of experts, each in their respective fields of: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, ophthalmology, psychology and physics. These experts not only better explain the results of his research, including problem identification and proven problem solving techniques based on body mechanics specific to shooting a basketball, but define his teaching. In short, Shot Perfect is the only shooting company in the U.S. teaching a proven shooting technique based on fact, not myth, conjecture or unsubstantiated information.

To provide only interested players the opportunity to reach their ultimate offensive performance by increasing their shooting intelligence first, Coach Roach created Shot Perfect; the only shooting company of its kind, anywhere! Coach Roach has proved time and time again, by increasing a shooters intelligence, allows each to make their own educated decision regarding their own shooting success, relying less on misinformed, less qualified and less experienced coaching.