Terry Roach

Founder/Senior Shot Analyst, Shot PerfectTM LLC

Following years of playing competitive basketball at the grade school, high school and college levels, Terry Roach joined the coaching ranks. Soon into his first year coaching grade school he developed an interest in the shooting technique of players relative to their shooting success. During the next 10 years coaching high school he expanded his research to include high school, college and the NBA. Identifying specific body mechanics common among great shooters, he adopted these same mechanics into his own shooting technique and began teaching it to interested players with great success.

While still coaching, he became interested in the medical field. He became an athletic trainer and EMT. Noticing a change in the attitude of kids and parents during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s he eventually left education to pursue his interest in the medical field. For the next 18 years he worked in the nursing field in specialty medicine. Working with specialist in orthopedics, emergency services, plastic surgery, pediatric neuro-surgery, spine surgery, preventive cardiology, etc., he learned the value of special interest, education, research and experience. Through his own special interest, education, research and experience teaching shooting and then nursing, he adopting the sciences into his shooting technique. To better explain the results of his research he put together a panel of experts in the fields of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, physics, ophthalmology and psychology. These experts not only better explain the results of his research but define his teaching of the Shot Perfect Shooting Technique.