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WISSPORTS ARTICLE 12/2021: Wisconsin Dells hits 12 3's Baraboo Shooting Camp

May 22, 2021 Shooting Camp - Baraboo, Wisconsin

Top row (from left to right) - Coach Roach, Jack Field, Damian Funmaker, Peter Alberts, Mason WhiteEagle, Abbie Thundercloud, Coach Berning Bottom row (from left to right) - Lincoln Montelongo, Jalen Roman and Gavin WhiteEagle

Officiating Consultant, Paul Barno and Jay Kinzel
During Sunday, April 11th shooting camp, Officiating Consultant, Paul Barno lectures on “held balls” using Edgewood’s Jay Kinzel as a demonstrator.

April 11, 2010 Shooting Camp Participants
(Back Row) standing left to right: John Scheidermayer, Junior - St. Ambrose H.S.; Jay Kinzel, Junior - Madison Edgewood H.S.; Ryan Kalsow, Junior - WI Heights H.S.; Walter Grosenheider, Sophomore - Madison Edgewood H.S.; Dan Roth, Junior - Sun Prairie H.S.; Malcolm Williams, Junior - Madison East H.S. – (Front Row) kneeling left to right: Frankie Hozeska, 8th grade - Burlington, WI.; Bryce Kerslher, Sophomore - Florence H.S.; Vince Breitzke, Sophomore - WI Heights H.S.