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Shot Perfect is the only camp of its kind in the country! The Shot Perfect staff teaches a shooting technique that is based on 25 years of continuous research at the high school, college, and NBA level, all supported by kinesiology (the study of human movement).

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Why Should You Choose Shot Perfect?

Before attending any basketball camp, each and every player, coach, and/or parent should know what makes the camp they've selected better than all the rest. That being said, what sets Shot Perfect Specialized Shooting Camps apart from other camps?

  • The shooting technique introduced is based on twenty years of research and is supported by six specialized fields of science.
  • The camp includes a 90-minute classroom session where players are actually made to understand the benefits of the technique being taught.
  • Shooters are simultaneously videotaped from four different angles using a split-screen monitor and slow motion review.
  • Players are introduced to problem identification and problem solving techniques, including specific home and court drills designed to advance and enhance their shooting performance.
  • Campers are introduced to "Rollback," a game designed to fine-tune one's shooting accuracy.
  • Shot Perfect "Tune-Up" Camps are strategically scheduled throughout the year to ensure shooter development and consistency.
  • There is limited enrollment to allow for optimal educational quality and attention to participants.
  • There are opportunities for years of future individualized coaching after attending.