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WISSPORTS ARTICLE 12/2021: Wisconsin Dells hits 12 3's Baraboo Shooting Camp

May 22, 2021 Shooting Camp - Baraboo, Wisconsin

Top row (from left to right) - Coach Roach, Jack Field, Damian Funmaker, Peter Alberts, Mason WhiteEagle, Abbie Thundercloud, Coach Berning Bottom row (from left to right) - Lincoln Montelongo, Jalen Roman and Gavin WhiteEagle

Terry Roach, Senior Shot Analyst Senior Shot Analyst
Terry J. Roach

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Shot Perfect is the only camp of its kind in the country! The Shot Perfect staff teaches a shooting technique that is based on 25 years of continuous research at the high school, college, and NBA level, all supported by kinesiology (the study of human movement).


What separates Shot Perfect Professional Shooting Camps/Sessions from any other shooting camp nation-wide?

CAMPS/SESSONS ARE OFFERED YEAR-ROUND to PLAYERS who are serious about advancing their shooting intelligence, accuracy, consistency and overall offensive performance and/or PLAYERS with desires to compete at the next level of competition.

*Professional (One-on-One) Sessions
*Team/Club/School Sponsored Camps



  • Limited enrollment to allow for optimal educational quality and attention.
  • Introduction to the Shot Perfect Shooting Technique which is based on 10 years of research, supported by 6 specialized fields of science including: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, ophthalmology and physics and not myth conjecture or unsubstantiated information.
  • A written or oral pre-test prior to the session/camp. This test is used to evaluate the players current and accurate shooting knowledge (fact vs. fiction) and to provide a player a better idea of the information to be presented during this camp.
  • Videotaping the player(s) from 4 different angles at the beginning of each session/camp and videotape review using slow-motion and still-picture review for analysis and evaluation.
  • Introduction of basic and "true" jump-shooting and the difference of "push-shooting".
  • Introduction of problem-identification and PROVEN problem-solving techniques designed to increase the players shooting accuracy and consistency.
  • Introduction of post moves with and without the dribble as well as an introduction of hook-shots and jump-hooks.
  • Introduction of specific on and off the court shooting drills designed to enhance and advance the players over-all shooting performance.
  • Introduction to a competitive game of Rollback™.
  • A written or oral post-test used to evaluate post-camp shooting intelligence.