Shot Analysis by Mail

Since many may live too far away from the Madison area to attend one of the Shot Perfect Specialized Shooting Camps, a player may mail still pictures and/or videotape of his or her free throw in to Shot Perfect to be evaluated by an analyst. Videos and photos may be submitted via U.S. mail or, depending on file type, electronically via e-mail.

If you choose to send in a video, it should contain full-body views of the free throw shooter from all four angles (front, back, left and right). If you choose to send in still pictures, there should be a total of eight snapshots of the free throw shooter -- a "window" position snapshot and a "finish" position snapshot from each of the four angles (front, back, left and right).

"Window" position "Finish" position

The cost to have your shot evaluated by a Shot Perfect analyst via mail is $100.00. Players who choose to have their shooting technique analyzed will receive in return their original pictures and/or videotape and a written evaluation with suggestions on how to improve their shooting technique and performance.

Please contact Shot Perfect before sending in your videotapes and/or pictures to ensure a prompt response to your request for an evaluation. You may either call Shot Perfect at (608) 257-8557 or e-mail Shot Perfect at

After Shot Perfect has guaranteed a prompt response to your evaluation request, you may either send your pictures and/or video electronically to or send them via U.S. mail to:

Shot Perfect
1330 Drake Street
Madison, WI 53715

Please allow two to four weeks for Shot Perfect to return your evaluation, pictures and videotape.