Letters of Endorsement

Paul Grant

Professional Basketball Player, Former University of Wisconsin Player
Following my senior year, I met Terry Roach, Senior Shot Analyst with Shot Perfect. Terry began coaching me by helping me prepare for the upcoming NBA Camps, just prior to the 1997 NBA Draft. He introduced me to a hook shot and jump hook. He also taught me where on the floor the highest percentage shots are taken and how to better play defense through manipulation of my offensive player.

Later that year, in 1997, I was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 20th pick in the NBA Draft. The following year I was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, playing in a total of six games.

Hennssy Auriantal

Former University of Wisconsin Basketball Player
"My name is Hennssy Auriantal. I am a former basketball player at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Men's Basketball Team from 1995-1999. Following my senior year, I met Terry Roach. He re-taught me how to shoot, giving me the confidence I once had, helping me make the Canadian National Basketball Team the year after I graduated.